‘Shattered’ 9″ and 12″ Afghan Square


This was my contribution to BAMMM SHAZAAM April, 2016.shatteredclue2ashatteredclue1a

CLUE I: Rounds 1-3  CLUE II: Rounds 4-6


Rnd 7: This is the fptrc in the top of the fptrcCL4 st.






Rnd 7: finishing fptrc in top of fptrcCL4 st.








Rnd 7 corner: dtrc2tog: yo 3x, since you are making a dtrc. The little purple circles show the sc at end of RND 5 side and beg of RND 5 side that you will be hooking into.




shatteredrnd7dFirst into the end of RND 5 side sc, before the ch-3 sp.






Work to 2 loops on hook, since you are making a dtrc2tog.




Then yo 3 x again, and work into the beg side sc of the same RND 5 sc, after the ch-3 sp.




Finish to 3 loops on hook, and then yo, draw through 3 loops.





shatteredrnd7hRnd 7 completed.









sc in RND 6 corner ch-2 sp, ch1, PUFF in between two sets of RND 6 trc into RND 5 ch-2 sp below (from the back with front facing you), close PUFF with a snug ch



ch1 more and sc in same ch-2 sp in Rnd 6 (behind Rnd 7 sts)




corner complete









Rnd 8 completed








Rnd 9 complete








Rnd 10 complete with DL







Rnd 11 corner demo




shatteredcornerRND11details on Rnd 11 corners and sides




Rnd 11 complete, with Rnd 10 end waiting on Rnd 12; Rnd 11 end is finished with invisible join






Rnd 12; continues from dropped loop (DL) of Rnd 10






Rnd 13





Rnd 14: I opted to use trc since my block was the teensiest undersize compared to the others of the series. In lieu, the pattern suggests a round of dc and sc, with slightly different st counts, which works for a nice edge.



To add a round for BAMMM Shazaam, simply work sc edge, working 2 sc in the corners, and mark the second sc as the new corner, leaving you with the required count of 39 sts per side, with a st in the corner (40).






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