Download original instructions and instructions for Canada Goose Border here. BAMMM SHAZAAM 2016


Started on January 1, 2016 and will run for 12 months, with 16 blocks featured. We are having at least 4 guest designers and some extra texture blocks for fillers if you like. Although the original yarn recommendations are for 12 blocks, you can make this in any number of blocks you like. With borders and equalizing, the blocks will be about 15″ square if made in aran-weight or heavy worsted yarn. Those using regular worsted are getting about 14″ square, and those using DK are getting 11″ square.

YARN SUGGESTIONS: based on 12 blocks and aran-weight/heavy worsted yarn (such as Vanna’s Choice or Loops and Threads Impeccable)
FOR 12 BLOCKS (you can do the math for more; I’ll help you if you ask!)
Color A–main–400 g/14 oz/680 yds
Color B–main–300 g/10.5 oz/510 yds
Color C–main–400 g/14 oz/680 yds
Choose Color A, B, or C or a unique Color E–Blocks’ Canada Goose Border–ADDITIONAL 400 g/14 oz/680 yds designed by me
Color D–Equalize contrast Color for Prep/Join/following–300 g/10.5 oz/510 yds–again, you could equalize and join with one of the main Colors but you will need the additional yarn to block-designated yarn to do that.
This will be optional; the borders will be at least 3 inches deep and reflect the Goose Border and Equalize, plus some new stuff. If you wish to buy yarn ahead, I’d suggest:
Color Same as Goose Border or Color E: 200 g/7 oz/340 yds
Color D or equalize/Join Color: 100 g/3.5 oz/170 yds
Color A, B, or C: (the one not used by Goose Border): 200 g/7 oz/340 yds

Block patterns

Block 1: January 2016 Puffed Wheat 12″ by Margaret MacInnis

Puffed Wheat 12"

Tutorial will be posted in next few days.

Block 2: February 2016 Promise Me Spring 12″ by Margaret MacInnis (new design)


Tutorial photos in pattern or download the ‘no photo’ version if you like.

Promise Me Spring

Block 3: February 2016 Texture and Texture Alternate A)Duckbill Dalliance 12”  and B)Bufflehead 12″ both by Margaret MacInnis

lissaMduckbilldallianceDuckbill Dalliance Texture

Bufflehead Texture

BLOCK 4: March: guest designer Julieanny
BLOCK 5: April: guest designer PollyPlum
BLOCK 6: April: mugginsquilts
BLOCK 7: May: guest designer Amanda Weenk (MandyWe)–first design ever 🙂
BLOCK 8: June: mugginsquilts
BLOCK 9: July: guest designer FunnyDieBarbarin
BLOCK 10: July: mugginsquilts
BLOCK 11: August: mugginsquilts
BLOCK 12: September: Possible guest designer CC
BLOCK 13: October: mugginsquilts
BLOCK 14: November: mugginsquilts
BLOCK 15: November: Possible guest designer?
BLOCK 16: December: mugginsquilts

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4 Responses to BAMMM SHAZAAM CAL 2016 AFGHAN

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Did you post the tutorial for January’s block? If so, would you please let me know where it is. I am having a bit of trouble with it.
    Thank you and love your designs!
    M. Ellen

    • Margaret MacInnis says:

      Not yet; I kept meaning to do it and got caught up testing other designs! I’ll hopefully get to it this week. I’ll let you know when I do.

  2. Mardi757 says:

    So excited about this. Usually like to see the final product but a little risk is fun. Only saw this a week “agoish” and need to get wool- hopefully tomorrow. I love the projects so far. It helps with choices.

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