Ring Rosy Afghan Announcement


c. 2017 Margaret MacInnis

Inspired by the never-ending song  which we all sang in school and forevermore, with nary a thought to its origin. It is said that the Ring Rosy song originated from the rash…and ‘ashes, ashes, we all fall down’ is an allusion to the progression of the plague…

Fun stuff!! It’s still fun to sing it, and teach it to our children and grandchildren, with a nod to a darker period of history; we learn from history so we won’t repeat it.

My afghan is a HAPPY AFGHAN, in spite of all that!

RING ROSY pattern purchase

Update for Teaser Clue release: November 25, 2017

68″ diagonal x 34″ on a hexagon edge (afghan is a big hexagon)

Yarn: Deramores Studio DK

Hook: 4.25-4.5mm/US G

Proposed Schedule

Order Yarn: November 20-25, 2017.

First Clue: Posted Dec. 5, 2017

Second Clue: Posted Dec. 12, 2017

Third Clue: Posted Dec. 19, 2017

Christmas Break

Fourth Clue: Posted Jan 2, 2018

Fifth Clue: Posted Jan. 7, 2018

Sixth Clue: Posted Jan. 15, 2018

Seventh Clue: Posted Jan. 22, 2018

Finish Clue: Posted Jan. 29, 2018

Ring Rosy Palettes Yarn Amounts in Deramores Studio DK (250m/275yd per 100g/3.5oz)

Color A: 3 skeins
Color B1: 2 skeins
Color B2: 2 skeins
Color C: 2 skeins
Color D: 3 skeins
Color E: 3 skeins

Fairy Glen: 3 skeins A topaz, 2 skeins B1 lavender, 2 skeins B2 purple, 2 skeins C jade, 3 skeins D pearl, 3 skeins E oatmeal

Autumn Song: 3 skeins A mist, 2 skeins B1 citrine, 2 skeins B2 burnt orange, 2 skeins C purple, 3 skeins D oatmeal, 3 skeins E pearl

Nature Valley: 3 skeins A pearl, 2 skeins B1 citrine, 2 skeins B2 oatmeal, 2 skeins C fir, 3 skeins D chocolate, 3 skeins E sky

Laurel: 3 skeins A frost, 2 skeins B1 lightpink, 2 skeins B2 fuchsia, 2 skeins C mist, 3 skeins D aquagreen, 3 skeins E malachite

Provence: 3 skeins A oatmeal, 2 skeins B1 lavender, 2 skeins B2 citrine, 2 skeins C peridot, 3 skeins D lapis, 3 skeins E pearl


Neutral Punch: 3 skeins A oatmeal, 2 skeins B1 frost, 2 skeins PUNCH COLOR CHOICE of rose, OR ruby, OR lavender, OR topaz, OR peridot; 2 skeins C smoke, 3 skeins D pearl, 3 skeins of E chocolate (mist option if you like it lighter)

Suggested amounts in Vanna’s Choice or similar (aran-weight at 170 yds per 100 g)

ESTIMATES ONLY. These numbers can change as Kris (Cheysk13) finishes her test with V.C.
Vanna’s Choice for FULL AFGHAN, all borders included: This will be quite big. Size will be determined once Kris finishes her sections and I’ll extrapolate.
A: 530 g
B1: 400 g
B2: 400 g
C: 400 g
D: 430 g
E: 400 g

Vanna’s Choice for border-restricted This would be a more reasonable size. The borders will be re-designed to eliminate several rounds.
A: 450 g
B1: 250 g
B2: 400 g
C: 400 g
D: 400 g (this might be a little short, I can’t really say, since the final borders include it, but they would be shortened–I would get an extra skein for insurance)
E: 400 g



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