Goose Meadow Afghan CAL Branta canadensis

Goose Meadow Afghan CAL Branta canadensis
Starts May 25, 2019

Branta canadensis is the Canada Goose and the topic and inspiration of much of my work. Every year, we’re fascinated by the spring and fall migrations, and many of them nest and take care of their young in the numerous ponds on our property. They are industrious, excellent parents, and provide hours of entertainment for us as we go on our daily walks. Enjoy creating Canada Goose Wings and Feet in your representative textural Canada Geese meandering through the pansies and tulip border, and sunning themselves in the Meadow.

Intermediate Level Work in American Terms;  Tutorial will be in Separate Download

Pattern available as a preview of yarn amounts and introduction on Ravelry here

for the introductory price of 2.99 with coupon code: mcalgoose

When the pattern becomes published completely, it will include an extensive phototutorial and complete instructions for all aspects.

Recommended yarns (I purchase at Wool Warehouse since their service is spectacular, relatively speedy, their yarn is well-packed and they care about their customers)

Supplies for 55”(DK) or 71”(Aran-weight) sq

Yarn in 4 or 5 Colors in amounts given below

Hook to suit yarn weight

yarn needle, stitch markers

Palette Suggestions:

Color A|A1/A2                  Color B                 Color C                 Color D

claret                                    silver                     cream                   khaki

duck egg                              cream                   mocha/stone     sage

grape/amethyst               white                    yellow                  fern  

lavender/violet                white                    silver                     grey (see photo in appendix)

mauve                                  linen                     white                    brownie

old gold/buttermilk       cream                   silver                     graphite  

DK weight: finished afghan measures about 55” square: all weights have a 10% allowance minimum

We used Stylecraft Special DK and Stylecraft Batik DK

Color A: 300 g/11 oz can be split into A1: 200 g/7 oz and A2: 100 g/3.5 oz at your discretion

Color B: 400 g/14 oz (also used for joining) You could join with any of the 4 Colors but you will need an extra skein beyond the estimate to do so

Color C: 300 g/11 oz

Color D: 200 g/7 oz; if using for 2 of the side blocks, purchase 300 g/11 oz

Hook: for yarn; 4.5 mm US F or G

Aran weight or heavy worsted: finished afghan measures about 71” sq: if you choose regular worsted, get about 3 oz fewer of each and finished afghan will measure about 65” sq

Stylecraft Special Aran or Stylecraft Life Aran (has 25 % wool)

Color A: 600 g/22 oz can be split into A1: 400 g and A2: 200 g at your discretion

Color B: 750 g/27 oz or 650 g/25 oz if not used for joining

Color C: 750 g/27 oz; buy an extra skein 100 g/3.5 oz if used for joining

Color D: 450 g/16 oz

Hook: for yarn; 5.0 to 6.0 mm US H, I, or J

Stitch markers: 4

Yarn Needle

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Ring Rosy Afghan Announcement


c. 2017 Margaret MacInnis

Inspired by the never-ending song  which we all sang in school and forevermore, with nary a thought to its origin. It is said that the Ring Rosy song originated from the rash…and ‘ashes, ashes, we all fall down’ is an allusion to the progression of the plague…

Fun stuff!! It’s still fun to sing it, and teach it to our children and grandchildren, with a nod to a darker period of history; we learn from history so we won’t repeat it.

My afghan is a HAPPY AFGHAN, in spite of all that!

RING ROSY pattern purchase

Update for Teaser Clue release: November 25, 2017

68″ diagonal x 34″ on a hexagon edge (afghan is a big hexagon)

Yarn: Deramores Studio DK

Hook: 4.25-4.5mm/US G

Proposed Schedule

Order Yarn: November 20-25, 2017.

First Clue: Posted Dec. 5, 2017

Second Clue: Posted Dec. 12, 2017

Third Clue: Posted Dec. 19, 2017

Christmas Break

Fourth Clue: Posted Jan 2, 2018

Fifth Clue: Posted Jan. 7, 2018

Sixth Clue: Posted Jan. 15, 2018

Seventh Clue: Posted Jan. 22, 2018

Finish Clue: Posted Jan. 29, 2018

Ring Rosy Palettes Yarn Amounts in Deramores Studio DK (250m/275yd per 100g/3.5oz)

Color A: 3 skeins
Color B1: 2 skeins
Color B2: 2 skeins
Color C: 2 skeins
Color D: 3 skeins
Color E: 3 skeins

Fairy Glen: 3 skeins A topaz, 2 skeins B1 lavender, 2 skeins B2 purple, 2 skeins C jade, 3 skeins D pearl, 3 skeins E oatmeal

Autumn Song: 3 skeins A mist, 2 skeins B1 citrine, 2 skeins B2 burnt orange, 2 skeins C purple, 3 skeins D oatmeal, 3 skeins E pearl

Nature Valley: 3 skeins A pearl, 2 skeins B1 citrine, 2 skeins B2 oatmeal, 2 skeins C fir, 3 skeins D chocolate, 3 skeins E sky

Laurel: 3 skeins A frost, 2 skeins B1 lightpink, 2 skeins B2 fuchsia, 2 skeins C mist, 3 skeins D aquagreen, 3 skeins E malachite

Provence: 3 skeins A oatmeal, 2 skeins B1 lavender, 2 skeins B2 citrine, 2 skeins C peridot, 3 skeins D lapis, 3 skeins E pearl


Neutral Punch: 3 skeins A oatmeal, 2 skeins B1 frost, 2 skeins PUNCH COLOR CHOICE of rose, OR ruby, OR lavender, OR topaz, OR peridot; 2 skeins C smoke, 3 skeins D pearl, 3 skeins of E chocolate (mist option if you like it lighter)

Suggested amounts in Vanna’s Choice or similar (aran-weight at 170 yds per 100 g)

ESTIMATES ONLY. These numbers can change as Kris (Cheysk13) finishes her test with V.C.
Vanna’s Choice for FULL AFGHAN, all borders included: This will be quite big. Size will be determined once Kris finishes her sections and I’ll extrapolate.
A: 530 g
B1: 400 g
B2: 400 g
C: 400 g
D: 430 g
E: 400 g

Vanna’s Choice for border-restricted This would be a more reasonable size. The borders will be re-designed to eliminate several rounds.
A: 450 g
B1: 250 g
B2: 400 g
C: 400 g
D: 400 g (this might be a little short, I can’t really say, since the final borders include it, but they would be shortened–I would get an extra skein for insurance)
E: 400 g



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Last Minute Slippers

Last Minute Slippers
c. 2016 Margaret MacInnis Yarn
Worsted: Yarn KnitPicks Swish Worsted
DK: KnitPicks Swish DK
50-75 g MC (2-2.5 oz)
30-40 g CC (1.75-2 oz)
Photos MargiBorck


Needles and Gauge

It is easiest to use Magic Loop or to work these on 2 circulars in the round. Dpns are difficult to navigate around a figure-8 or Magic Cast-on, although they are excellent to use if you worked the provisional cast-on.
worsted: size US 6 (4.0 mm) or size for gauge—use dpns or two circulars or magic loop—whatever method you like for working in round, larger needle for bind-off

worsted: 21-22 sts in 4”/10 cm (5.25-5.5 sts per inch) in garter
DK: size US 4 (3.5 mm) or size for gauge
DK: 22-24 sts in 4”/10 cm(5.5-6 sts per inch) in garter
2 stitch markers

Stitches and Abbreviations
Garter in Round: knit one round, purl the next
Stockinette in Round: knit every round
2 x 2 ribbing: (k2, p2) repeat around (sts must be multiple of 4 to do this evenly)
BOR: beginning of round

Provisional cast-on: I use the crochet chain method. Use your favorite method. Or use

and avoid the provisional bind-off later.

Remainder of pattern instructions can be obtained for FREE with CODE: LMSCUSTOM in my

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Bandwagon Bun Hat Crochet Pattern


Bandwagon Bun Hat designed by Margaret MacInnis c. 2016

~~also headband and full hat option/without opening~~


Yarn: Paton’s Décor 25 percent wool, 75 percent acrylic

Natural (N); Blue (B):  50 g [55 g] or 2 oz/100-110 yds N; 30 [35 g] or 1 oz [1.2 oz]/60-70 yds B

Hook: 5 or 5.5 mm (US H or I) or hook to gauge

Yarn: Heavy worsted to aran-weight yarn. Model is in Patons Décor.

Gauge: 15-16 dc in 4”

Gauge Adult Large: 13-14 dc in 4”

Size: Hat fits snugly

Adult: hat finishes at about 18” to 19” in diameter at base to fit 21 to 23” heads (snugly)

Adult Large: hat finishes at about 19-20” in diameter at base to fit 22.5 to 24” heads (snugly)

Child: hat finishes at about 16” to 17.5” in diameter at base to fit 18 to 21” heads (snugly)


Tapestry-style: work in two colors, carrying yarn not in use under line of stitching enclosing it between stitches and round worked into. When switching colors, at end of last st before switch, work the last yo in the new color for the next st, and enclose the previous color in stitch line. When switching from one st to the other as stitch by stitch, it works like this:

B, N, 2 or more B: start sc in B as insert hook, yo, pull up loop, then yo in N, pull through 2 loops, then insert hook in next st, yo and pull up loop of N, yo in B, and pull through both loops, then work next stitch in B.

Note about Tapestry: If you find you work really tight tapestry, then increase each section by 2 stitches on RD 10 (13 sts in each section) and work each section with an additional 2 stitches between N, and an additional RD after RD 14, to (12 N, 1B), decreasing out in RD 15 back to 55 [66 sts]

Another tapestry option: one tester increased one hook size for the tapestry only section!

Instructions Child [Adult]

Start: Ch 56 [66] in Blue. Join in first ch without twisting with a sc. Place marker in first sc. If you don’t wish to work spirally, then sl st and ch1 as per normal.

Working in a spiral without sl stitching is easiest; simply work around and move marker up each round to first st.  If you prefer, sl st to first st, ch1 prior to sc, and ch2/3 as hdc/dc.

RD 1: sc around 56 (66) sc.

RD 2: hdc around. Move marker up to first st of round each round. Child: change to Natural on last yo, and pull color through. (and sl st with new color if sl stitching method is used). Drop Blue to back.

RD 3: Omit for Child Size or Head Band. [Adult]: hdc around, change to Natural on last yo and pull color through. Drop Blue to back.

RD 4: (dc, sc) around, change to Blue on last yo, and pull color through. Drop Natural to back.

RD 5: (sc, dc) on previous (dc, sc) around, change to Natural on last yo, and pull color through.

RDS 6-9: Omit 7-9 for Head Band.  alternating colors each round, and alternate working sc on dc or dc on sc as they are encountered. Cut Natural after RD 8. (for Head Band, drop Natural to backm after RD 6 and move to RD 10; do not cut)

RD 10: See Note about Tapestry before you work this round: sc around in Blue, working last 2 sc tog on size Child only. 55 [66 sts]

RD 11: working tapestry-style in sc, add Natural (N) under line of Blue (B) crochet and switch colors as indicated by drawing through last yo of previous st to color change

Child [Adult]: 6 B, (1 N, 10 B) x 4 [5], 1N, 4 B

RD 12: continue to work tapestry-style

Child [Adult]: Work B to one before first N, (4 N, 7 B) x 4 [5], 4 N, work B to last st

RD 13: Child [Adult]: Work B to one before first N, (7 N, 4 B) x 4 [5], 7 N, there will be no B left to work, so switch to B on last st.

RD 14: Child [Adult]: Work B to one before previous N. (10 N, 1 B) x 4 [5], 10 N, last  N will be worked into RD 13 beg, mark this st as new BOR. (beginning of round).

Cut B

RD 15: sc around in N 55 (66 sts)

RD 16: hdc around in N (if you want a deeper hat, work 2 rounds of hdc here)

Head Band only RD HB: If you want a wider band, work a couple more rounds of hdc, and then sc around in N or B and fasten off.

RD 17: decrease round by 5 [6] sts: 4 hdc, (hdc2tog, 9 hdc) x 4 [5], hdc2tog, 5 hdc; 50 [60 sts]

RD 18: hdc around

RD 19: decrease round by 10 sts: (3 hdc, hdc2tog) around for Child; (4 hdc, hdc2tog) round for Adult; 40 [50 sts]

RD 20: Child decrease round by 10 sts: (2 hdc, hdc2tog) around; 30 sts, sl st in first hdc. If you want a smaller hole, work another decrease round as you like (sc, sc2tog around). Fasten off.

RD 20: Adult decrease round by 10 sts: (3 hdc, hdc2tog) around; (40 sts)

RD 21: Adult decrease round by 10 sts: (2 hdc, hdc2tog) around; 30 sts, sl st in first hdc, fasten off. If you want a smaller hole, work another decrease round as you like.

If you want a Blue chain trim on the Bun hat

Slip stitch around post of each st around, join invisibly by following path of first chain to mimic a final chain. Fasten off.

Full hat option:

RD 22: [sc, sc2tog] around (20 sts)

RD 23:  sc2tog around, leaving last loop of each st on hook (insert hook into first st, pull up loop, insert hook into second st, pull up loop, yo, pull through 2 loops only), 10 sts. Cut yarn to 12 inches, work on tapestry needle through 10 sts and draw up to close. Weave in end carefully, working around circle twice to secure.

Alternate finish: work 10 sc2tog, and pull 12” cut end through last st. Thread tapestry needle and weave around in circle through top of each of 10 sts, and pull up tightly. Weave around circle twice, and weave in end securely.


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DEFTLY DELFT POLYCHROME c. 2016 Margaret MacInnis

delftgroupbThis is the inspirational photo I am using for colour and ideas for shapes.

Pattern can be found here

Deftly Delft





Yarn Estimates: Vanna’s Choice or other aran-weight yarns at 170-185 yds per 100 g (3.5 oz), using 5.5 mm or US I hook.

Suggested Palette:

Color W: main white background and joins 700 g, 1150 yds

Color G: leaves 300 g (might be used in borders too), 520 yds

Color T: is tulips 300 g  I used deep rust, 340-500 yds

Color Y:  contrast polychrome (I used mustard) used more in final borders so get 300 g, 340-500 yds

Color B: main blue background 500-600 g  850 yds should be adequate

Hook: I use a 5.5 mm or US I hook.

As many of you know, I’m first generation Dutch-Canadian, and have always been intrigued by Dutch Delft pottery, many pieces of which adorned my family home growing up. The blue and white were pretty, but as a child, I found the polychrome cobalt blue, white, green, iron red, with touches of mustard yellow even more intriguing.

This afghan is distinctly Delft Polychrome in feel. The tulips will be stylized, and the shapes are unique in that there are NO SQUARES!! Joins will be worked in my no-hook out method, and are quite easy, with no sewing!

Starting Date: October 15, 2016

Clues Weekly: Oct 22, 29, Nov 5, 12, 19, 26, might go into first week of Dec.

Pattern is free to Oct 22  midnight CST only with Code: Deftly2016, then it will be 4.99. 5000 people have used the code, and it works. If you don’t wish to use PayPal, I cannot help you. The Ravelry system uses PayPal and you have to apply the code.

You can follow our progress here at  More Muggins’ Marvels.

DK yarn estimates (300 yd/276 m per 100 g) based on Stylecraft Batik DK with 4 or 4.5 mm hook US F or G

Similar amounts for Deramores Studio DK: 275 yd/250 m per 100 g, so it’s a little thicker, might need a little more. If you buy 100 g skeins, you should have plenty with the amounts listed, since most account for 50 g more.

Similar amounts for Stylecraft Special DK: 325 yd/275 m per 100 g, so it’s a little thinner and you should have plenty with amounts listed at 100 g skeins.

If you want more borders/bigger afghan: buy more of course. The current recommendations are allowing for 6” border on ~~36” (Stylecraft Special might be smaller) afghans with DK. Finishing at 46 to 48” square. Might need more borders, I guess 🙁 Maybe consider buying 1 extra of each of the main colours, and we can create something.

Color G: Green leaves: 167 g (Obviously, if skeins are 100 g, then you need 2 (if you want wider borders, this is a good idea anyway)
Color T: Tulips: 150 g (Obviously….then you need 2)
Color W: White main: 350 g (” , then you need 4)
Color Y: Yellow contrast: 150 g (“, then you need 2)
Color B: Blue background and joins: 250 g (“, then you need 3)

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Florentine Mystery 9″/12″ Afghan Square Block Pattern


Mystery presentation. Download the original free pattern, and clues will be updated every second day until April 13, at which time I’ll release the entire pattern.

Find your download here on Ravelry and refer to the tutorial thread for guidance.

Enter my ‘Guess the Buttons’ contest for a chance to win a prize!


Handcarved Wooden Crochet hook made in Canadian Maple Wood by HeavenSpunCreations

or Handmade buttons made of wood and hand-oiled by WoodaCooda on Etsy.



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Petal to the Metal Guest Feature 9″ Crochet Block


My good friend, Melissa (LissaM on Ravelry) designed her first block this week. She had me test and critique it, and it’s a beautiful block, much beyond a ‘first’ design.

Melissa’s Link to her Blog and the Pattern





I worked up her pattern in my BAMMM SHAZAAM palette; as I told Melissa, I found the first part bunched a bit so I modified it enough to make it lie flat for me. I wrote down what I did if anyone wants it, ask me in Ravelry! (mugginsquilts)

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‘Shattered’ 9″ and 12″ Afghan Square


This was my contribution to BAMMM SHAZAAM April, 2016.shatteredclue2ashatteredclue1a
Continue reading

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shattered 9″/12″ block sneak preview


April, 2016 BAMMM SHAZAAM coming soon.

Starting March 25, I will present this in Mystery Format, with Clues each alternate day for 7 days.

Watch for it!

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SANDBOX GEOMETRY 9″ and 12″ Afghan blocks squares

sandbox12sandboxgeometrylauriediaSANDBOX GEOMETRY 12″ Afghan block c. 2016 Margaret MacInnis

I’m always intrigued by geometric patterns that don’t rely on the ever-present flower motif to feature a design. So when I started to design Sandbox Geometry, I keep thinking ‘keep it to the geometry, and keep it basic’. The name itself was inspired by my good friend, dakotastamper, who also frequently tests for me. She is featured in the photos of the block as the 12″. We were ‘playing in the sandbox’ whilst designing a geometric block.

Sandbox Geometry pattern can be purchased here.

sandbox9inch9″ version worked by dmbonner

12″ version worked by mugginsquilts








ROUND PHOTOS by dakotastamper, thank you!

sandbox2 sandbox3 sandbox4 sandbox5 sandbox6 sandbox7 sandbox8 sandbox9aaa sandbox10sandbox11sandbox12aaaa

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