Cushion Crafting Crochet 101

ajsgrammacushionaOftentimes, you’ll be looking a couple of stray blocks and wonder what to do with them.
I like to just make cushions to match whatever the other blocks were doing. I recently joined gifted blocks into two afghans for a recipient (on behalf of our Comfort’ghan Group on Ravelry). At the end, I had two blocks that ‘didn’t quite fit in’. In one case, a beautifully knit block with great borders, had the wrong sort of composition for the fancy afghan, but a bit too much of everything for the texture afghan. So I chose it to go in a cushion, and speak for itself! Another block, albeit gorgeous, just didn’t quite make the cut because it was the odd-man-out for colour (although it was in the specified colours, no one else made one in that colour and it didn’t quite fit).

STEP ONE: First, I bordered (free hand) both blocks with crochet borders. In the case of the fancy knit block, I put several rounds of various complementary colours on it, and then made sure the last round finished at 47 sts per side (which is good for a 14″ pillow form for me).

STEP TWO: Then I finished the second block similarly, playing with patterns and borders as I like to do.

STEP THREE: Then I put both blocks wrong sides facing, and sc the edges together on THREE sides, by sc through front loop of the front block, and sc through the back loop of the back block. That’s actually really easy to do! Three sides, plop the pillow form in, and finish the fourth side around the form!

STEP FOUR: Then I put a simple border on that join, with [sc in st, sk st, (sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc) in next st, sk st] rep around. And that’s so simple, it’s laughable, and looks great.

Here is the result:


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