Bordering the No-Hook-Out afghans

So satisfying to ‘free-hand’ borders!


Join is No-Hook-Out (TM) Continuous, developed by yours truly and found here. Very interesting and quick to do. I joined 25 – 9″ blocks in just under 3 hours! (It took me about 10 minutes per block first to put the black equalize round on, though). So including equalize time, maybe 8 hours altogether, and then 3 more hours to actually put the borders on. Not too bad altogether–12 hours or so.

Post join RND 1: Using Join Color, I worked 2 sc in each ch-2 sp, and 2 hdc in each ch-2 sp on either side of the square junctions, with 3 sc in the corner st.

Post join RND 2: Again using Join Color, I worked BLO (back loop only) and did another round of hdc, working 2 hdc in each st on either side of corner st, and 3 hdc in corner.

Post join Rnd 3: Using Black, I worked sc in first st past corner, (ch3, sk 2 sts, sc in next st) rep to st before next corner. Ch3 over corner st, sl st in beg sc, and keep to back for using later.

Post join Rnd 4: Using Green, I worked 3 hdc in each ch-3 sp, with 6 hdc in corner ch-3 sp.

Post join Rnd 5: Using Black again, I sc in between the two sets of 3 hdc and ch3 between them. I worked the corners the same as that, with the sc between the two sets of 3 hdc in the corners.

Post join Rnd 6: Using Cranberry, I worked a round like the Green, except the corners were worked 4 hdc in each ch-3 sp around the corner.

Post join Rnd 7: Final edge modified crab st: I like to modify my crab stitch and it’s much quicker and looks as good. Sc in any st, (ch1, sk st, working to your right, crab-style sc in next st) around to corner. Over corner 3 sc, crab sc and ch1 in each st. I use this edging a lot now, and really like it for finish and durability and speed.

ajsa ajsb ajsc

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2 Responses to Bordering the No-Hook-Out afghans

  1. Frances says:

    What a lovely simple border Margaret. It complements and shows off the blocks and no-hook-out join beautifully. I know where to look once I am ready to join and border my Afghan! Thank you so much!

    • Thank you! I love what I did, honestly 🙂 I’ve got several other borders I’ve developed over the years, and hope to add to them this year. You do have to be flexible bordering, that’s for sure.

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