SANDBOX GEOMETRY 9″ and 12″ Afghan blocks squares

sandbox12sandboxgeometrylauriediaSANDBOX GEOMETRY 12″ Afghan block c. 2016 Margaret MacInnis

I’m always intrigued by geometric patterns that don’t rely on the ever-present flower motif to feature a design. So when I started to design Sandbox Geometry, I keep thinking ‘keep it to the geometry, and keep it basic’. The name itself was inspired by my good friend, dakotastamper, who also frequently tests for me. She is featured in the photos of the block as the 12″. We were ‘playing in the sandbox’ whilst designing a geometric block.

Sandbox Geometry pattern can be purchased here.

sandbox9inch9″ version worked by dmbonner

12″ version worked by mugginsquilts








ROUND PHOTOS by dakotastamper, thank you!

sandbox2 sandbox3 sandbox4 sandbox5 sandbox6 sandbox7 sandbox8 sandbox9aaa sandbox10sandbox11sandbox12aaaa

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