DEFTLY DELFT POLYCHROME c. 2016 Margaret MacInnis

delftgroupbThis is the inspirational photo I am using for colour and ideas for shapes.

Pattern can be found here

Deftly Delft





Yarn Estimates: Vanna’s Choice or other aran-weight yarns at 170-185 yds per 100 g (3.5 oz), using 5.5 mm or US I hook.

Suggested Palette:

Color W: main white background and joins 700 g, 1150 yds

Color G: leaves 300 g (might be used in borders too), 520 yds

Color T: is tulips 300 g  I used deep rust, 340-500 yds

Color Y:  contrast polychrome (I used mustard) used more in final borders so get 300 g, 340-500 yds

Color B: main blue background 500-600 g  850 yds should be adequate

Hook: I use a 5.5 mm or US I hook.

As many of you know, I’m first generation Dutch-Canadian, and have always been intrigued by Dutch Delft pottery, many pieces of which adorned my family home growing up. The blue and white were pretty, but as a child, I found the polychrome cobalt blue, white, green, iron red, with touches of mustard yellow even more intriguing.

This afghan is distinctly Delft Polychrome in feel. The tulips will be stylized, and the shapes are unique in that there are NO SQUARES!! Joins will be worked in my no-hook out method, and are quite easy, with no sewing!

Starting Date: October 15, 2016

Clues Weekly: Oct 22, 29, Nov 5, 12, 19, 26, might go into first week of Dec.

Pattern is free to Oct 22  midnight CST only with Code: Deftly2016, then it will be 4.99. 5000 people have used the code, and it works. If you don’t wish to use PayPal, I cannot help you. The Ravelry system uses PayPal and you have to apply the code.

You can follow our progress here at  More Muggins’ Marvels.

DK yarn estimates (300 yd/276 m per 100 g) based on Stylecraft Batik DK with 4 or 4.5 mm hook US F or G

Similar amounts for Deramores Studio DK: 275 yd/250 m per 100 g, so it’s a little thicker, might need a little more. If you buy 100 g skeins, you should have plenty with the amounts listed, since most account for 50 g more.

Similar amounts for Stylecraft Special DK: 325 yd/275 m per 100 g, so it’s a little thinner and you should have plenty with amounts listed at 100 g skeins.

If you want more borders/bigger afghan: buy more of course. The current recommendations are allowing for 6” border on ~~36” (Stylecraft Special might be smaller) afghans with DK. Finishing at 46 to 48” square. Might need more borders, I guess 🙁 Maybe consider buying 1 extra of each of the main colours, and we can create something.

Color G: Green leaves: 167 g (Obviously, if skeins are 100 g, then you need 2 (if you want wider borders, this is a good idea anyway)
Color T: Tulips: 150 g (Obviously….then you need 2)
Color W: White main: 350 g (” , then you need 4)
Color Y: Yellow contrast: 150 g (“, then you need 2)
Color B: Blue background and joins: 250 g (“, then you need 3)

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