Gingko Knit Shawl off the needles



Yarn Paton’s Silk Bamboo in Sapphire–I used just shy of 4 skeins for the 216/8 st version. (about 385 yds).

Needle–I used 5 mm (US 8) circular needle

Gauge–my gauge was close to 18 sts in 4 inches

Pattern is a modification of Maggie Megali’s Gingko Shoulderette Shawl to form a crescent.

I further modified it quite a bit.

Not the least of which included shifting all those pesky silly ssps/p2tog and ssk/k2tog completely, and starting in ways to avoid that silly little ‘garter hump’ that’s completely avoidable….

Beg garter tab my way

cast on 3 sts provisionally, k20 rows, pick up 10, pick up 3 off prov, turn to back, knit3, purl back, knit3 (16 sts)

Increase on tab: k3, (yo, k) to last 3, yo, k3
Next row: k3, purl back, k3 (27 sts)

RLI: Move marker first; right lifted increase–pick up row below stitch coming up (I like to call it the axis st upon which the next st is sitting) and place it on left needle, and knit that

LLI: left lifted increase–pick up two rows below stitch just knit and place on left needle, knit into it. Then move marker.

Increase neatly by making a double central line so you have 3 triangles making a neat crescent.
1)Row 1: (k3, yo, k1, yo), on middle 19 sts, k5, PM, RLI on next st, knit same st, k8, LLI on the 8th st, PM, knit to last 4 sts, (yo, k1, yo, k3)
2)Row 2: (k3, p to end 3, k3)
3)Row 3: (k3, yo, k1, yo), knit to marker, move marker to right needle, RLI on next st, knit same st, k to next marker, leave marker on left needle, LLI on last st knit, move marker to right needle, knit to last 4 sts, (yo, k1, yo, k3)
4) as Row 2
Repeat Rows 3 and 4 until number of stitches is reached in pattern, plus 2 (since you are making one extra st each end for garter edging).

If it doesn’t work out evenly, then on the last return purl row, increase here and there as needed with a purl lifted increase evenly. Go directly into the pattern rows and make sure you start increasing on the garter edge each second row as patterned without interrupting that.

I increased to 216 sts, plus 2 for my 3 st edge. Then I worked from pattern, but I worked 3 st edge instead of 2 st edge, and worked it as graphed, except the big one:

SWITCH ALL SSK with K2TOG, and switch all SSP with P2GTOG, unless you like the look of that silly bumpy edge to your leaves ( I don’t–looks like I don’t know how to knit).

Then I bound off a little differently with a crochet hook. The existing bind off is clumsy and takes for-freakin’ ever, and unless you are working with pure wool or alpaca, doesn’t block well either.


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous Margaret!

  2. Joanne says:

    This is stunning, Margaret!!!

  3. Joanne says:

    Stunning, Margaret!!!!

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