No-Hook-Out Continuous Continues….

I recently had the pleasure of joining for our Ravelry group, two comfort’ghans for a member whose husband had surgery. I received quite a few blocks in the mail, and sorted them into blocks suitable for one or the other of the afghans. You can see the first one, the afghan for Verna, in my No-Hook-Out Continuous Join Tutorial. I also joined the afghan for her husband, Carl, in the same way. I’m now furiously applying borders to both afghans, trying to get them done for mailing on Wednesday or Thursday.

Joining a bunch of blocks like this is challenging work, since you have to equalize them, and bring them all to the same size, but I love doing it! The results are usually spectacular, and worth the work.

Carl’s afghan with the join and edging so far: I still have to border it.


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